All LunaBath products are evaluated and approved during formulation by our in-house esthetician, Chelsea!

Never tested on animals, just friends and family. Really, in that case the line is blurred

What Our Customers are Saying

“Wonderful product and an amazing value! Bought this for a wedding gift, but it would make a great shower gift too. Will be buying more for myself as well! I have medical issues that involve leg cramps and spasms and it will be great to soothe my aches and pains before bedtime. This would be great for restless leg symptoms as well. The tube arrived in perfect shape and it is much bigger than I expected. Great purchase!”

Cori H.

“I was impressed with the packaging. The tube is cool and retro looking. The smells that came out of tube when I opened to inspect the bombs was nothing short of amazing. My wife thoroughly enjoyed her bath using the mint bomb last night. Skin feels soft and aromatic. Very pleased. Will purchase again.”


“I was shocked when I pulled the tubing out of the package I ordered, it was huge! These smell amazing! My only negative comment would be that it isn’t quite as “theatrical” as some of the ones on FB but I also didn’t have to worry about them staining my bath tub. Very soothing scents, especially for the add-on price I would absolutely buy again”

Bethany H.

“This bathbomb set is so amazing….it leaves the water soft and my skin silky. The scents are awesome. I gave one to my mom who wants more now. And of course my little girl, Luna, was thrilled with the fizz and smell. You can’t beat the add-on pricing. The customer service emails are spot on….how often do you get owners to respond directly to you the same day? This owner responded within the hour AND on a Saturday. Made in the USA – love it!”


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