Let’s talk weird beauty today!

Right now, microblading for eyebrows is all the rage. If you aren’t familiar with microblading, the process is this: first, the eyebrow technician marks and measures the eyebrow area to custom fit eyebrows to best suit your face. A numbing solution is then applied after the eyebrows are mapped out and then it’s time to wait while the numbing product does its magic! The technician will then begin the tedious process of making each individual stroke with the microblade. Essentially, it’s a well-crafted eyebrow tattoo and is much more natural looking than the eyebrow tattoos traditionally offered. Many find this to be a great solution for thin, over-tweezed eyebrows and those with alopecia have also found a benefit to this procedure. Just as with any service where the skin must be opened, take your time to find a professional who is well reviewed and seek out an initial consult.  

Lip Hickeys

One of the weirdest products I’ve seen is definitely the lip suction devices that many beauty gurus and online personalities are using for fuller, more luscious lips. In theory, they do work. Why? The suction helps to focus blood to the lips, causing them to plump up and add a more flushed color. I hesitate to even try one for myself due to the possibility of causing damage to the lips when the product is left on too long or if the suction is too intense. I’ve seen plenty of images floating around of ladies who have tried this item and caused some serious bruising and damage to their lips afterward. Be kind to your lips! For fuller, healthier looking lips exfoliate with a gentle sugar scrub daily, apply barrier moisturizer (Aquaphor is fantastic,) and maintain good hydration.

Sewing Your Face

Speaking of damage, microneedling is a hot item in the esthetics and skin care world. You can buy a microneedler online or go to a skin care spa for a treatment. What this medieval looking item is supposed to do is to cause micro holes into the skin, allowing the product to penetrate deeper. Some also claim that it helps heal scarring, boost elasticity, and reducing wrinkling. As an esthetician, I don’t doubt that microneedling potentially has benefits. In fact, a small amount of damage can be beneficial in regards to healing and rejuvenating skin. However, what makes me pause to perform or receive this service is that in a controlled environment (professional setting) it can be safe and sterile, but what happens when you walk out the door with those open micro wounds? Any number of bacteria and outside matter can now enter these wounds. I know I’m guilty of touching my face without even thinking of it! As an esthetician, I am begging you not to use this item at home. If this is a service you are interested in, get an in-depth consult with a good plastic surgeon or master aesthetician to address any concerns you may have before proceeding. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Tire Peel Therapy

Last but not least…one of the most hilarious looking items I’ve seen while walking around my local Sephora is the Dr. Jart+ rubber masks. My brother first spotted these and couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically. The packaging is rather entertaining (you have to see it!) I decided to look up this item and read more on it. According to the product manufacturer, the rubber mask prevents the serum ampule from evaporating and allows it to penetrate the skin better. While I haven’t tried this item specifically, I have tried other Korean sheet masks and I do feel like with the addition of the fibrous mask does help to allow the serum to take its time to absorb into the skin. As with any skin care item, read the ingredients carefully if you have any sensitivities, but I’d suggest trying one out—if not at least for the laughs!